Why VAO?


For most people, the general belief was that Federal elections are what drove our country as a representation of the will of The People and in large part, there is some truth to that.  However, around (2) years ago, Americans started seeing our country and their communities change in unimaginable ways.  For example, most people have seen or read about Loudoun County in the media, whether it was related to parent’s anger over Critical Race Theory seeping into their children’s classrooms, disgust with a tyrannical schoolboard, shock when learning about a corrupt Commonwealth Attorney, or the prevalence of shady “community” organizations are controlling major county decisions.  The real issue, however, is that the same radical changes in Loudoun County have been replicated across the state of Virginia and all across the country we are all in the same predicament.  But why?  Are our Federally elected leaders squarely to blame?  Many might say yes but the truth is no.  While they are certainly culpable, our local & state issues started right at the lowest levels...locally.  


Our elders have always said that “local and state elections are the most important elections”.  Given the current state of the country having succumbed to a sly Progressive infiltration, I think it’s fair to say those wise words were ignored.  Until now. Virginia Overwatch’s goal is to bring the intensity & feel of a Federal election right on down to the local and state level because all elections, big and small, have consequences.


Here’s what is most familiar: When election season rolls around, constituents are bombarded with direct mailers, commercials, social media ads, etc. about their opponents.  Candidates operate under the concept that constituents should vote for them based on their platform/issues, speeches, appearances, and personality.  That may be true, but what they overlook – and perhaps some count on – is that their constituents can and will do all the research necessary to truly understand what their Progressive opposition is about: 


  • Understanding a candidate’s history regarding issues important to the race and whether that record conflicts with a constituent’s values. 
  • Investigating a candidates past actions to determine if they align with a constituents values. 
  • Researching voting records. 
  • Conducting deep background investigations and identifying questionable donor profiles 


VAO is disrupting that entire approach, simplifying where voters can go to find sourced/cited information to understand who the State & Local political candidates and elected officials really are.  Virginia Overwatch does not campaign for ANY candidate nor will we endorse any candidate.  The mission is simple: expose and hold State & Local political candidates and elected officials accountable to a mandatory – not optional – loyalty to the United States and Virginia Constitution.   


VAO Objectives 


  • Develop Information technologies that support our stated mission, using a variety of digital insight tools, data analysis, proprietary applications, and targeted code development 


  • Research, investigate and corroborate corruption, dishonesty, fraud and other misconduct by State & Local political candidates and elected officials 
  • Assess and build a framework/background of the entities and people who are responsible for advocating for Progressive and destructive policies and behavior 
  • Identify and analyze common behavior patterns associated State & Local political candidates and elected officials and develop strategies for We, The People to remain vigilant and combat the radicalization of our society. 


  • Increase public awareness about Progressive legislation supported or created by State & Local political candidates and elected officials  
  • Increase public awareness about Progressive organizations, donors, and their associations with State & Local political candidates and elected officials 
  • Provide the information, data, evidence, facts, and sources and share across all forms of media for all constituents