Three Seats Short of Defunding LCPS Equity and saving 1.7 Million

Three Seats Short of Defunding LCPS Equity and saving 1.7 Million

An error (or perhaps bureaucratic failure), in VA state government to account for elimination of the grocery tax in projected state revenue has led to a $202 million shortfall in education funds statewide, translating specifically to a $7.4 million shortage in the LCPS budget. Whether there was some kind of intentional foul play in an attempt to tarnish Governor Youngkin is up for debate, but that’s another story

What can be said without a doubt is this shortage presented an incredible opportunity to cut some LCPS pork, and hats off to Catoctin School Board Member John Beatty for making the motion to defund equity! Mr. Beatty proposed defunding the $1.7 million dollars that LCPS is set to spend, for 2023-2024, to teach white people that they are racist and trans the kids.

John Beatty really threw the gloves off and accurately compared equity to communism, adding a statement that it is not based on reason. As to be expected from our commie school board, the motion failed 6-2, with only Tiffany supporting it. The thing is we are in an election year and this school board has utterly and completely failed the students, parents, and teachers who they serve.

Picture just for a moment what this motion might look like a year from now with only 3 additional seats on the school board: Equity and all the idiot positions and programs that come with it, dead on the spot. It’s an uphill battle certainly, but Mr. Beatty’s motion fills me with hope that it is possible.

A need to quickly cut $7.4 million from the budget was an incredible lost opportunity with only 2 sane people sitting on the entire board. We could have dropped equity, SEL, lots of admin staff, and of course all involved in the rape cover up scandal; but enough dwelling on the past. Now is the time to look to this as incentive to get involved with the future of electing conservatives to the board in 2023.

——VA Overwatch Contributor, Tim Smith——-