Stop Using the Left’s Language, An Open Letter to Conservatives

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Stop Using the Left’s Language, An Open Letter to Conservatives

Over the past years we’ve witnessed a rising tide of citizens willing to stand up and fight for the last shreds of reality in society growing more insane by the minute. Yet we continue to lose ground. Why is that?

We allow the left to define our language. We use the term “transgender” because it has been socialized and normalized to describe someone attempting to present as the opposite sex. The problem is when we use this term we acknowledge it, surrendering a little piece reality with each usage.

It can be difficult to get your point across without using the commonly understood terminology, yet the left successfully changes our language all the time. For example, instead of killing babies they say pro-choice, instead of castration they say gender affirming.

We can change common terminology, but it takes a little effort and presence of mind. It starts by cultivating awareness, which leads to breaking old habits and developing new ones. This takes discipline, patience, and time.

Instead of using the term transgender, try gender confused. In reality there is no such thing as transgender, so why do conservatives continue to use the word? Instead of referring to transgenderism, try calling it radical gender ideology.

Instead of COVID vaccine, say COVID shot. The left can change the definition of vaccine all they want to, but if it doesn’t stop you from getting a virus or giving it to someone else, well it’s not a vaccine.

Perhaps the most cringeworthy term conservatives use is biological male or female. This implies that there is some other kind. Just say male or female. Elected officials – please use male or female when you draft your legislation.

This is how we make the choice not to play the game with people who call mothers birthing people and think men can have babies. All conservative candidates for public office and community leaders/influencers should take heed of this advice.

by VA Overwatch Contributor, Tim Smith

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