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RNC Consent Decree Ends After 35 Years: prohibited the Republican National Committee (RNC) from engaging in ballot security activities


Have you ever wondered WHY all of the sudden, since the 2020 election, that there has been nonstop talk about “Election Integrity” and “Ballot Security”?  But why now?  Perhaps I’m late to the discussion but there is something the RNC agreed to in 1982 called the “RNC Consent Decree”.  Simply put, this agreement prevented Republicans from engaging in “ballot security activities” for federal elections.  However, this “Consent Decree” was ended in 2018.  Perhaps the importance of the decision by an Obama judge to end this charade was not “sexy” enough to peak the attention of the general public.


The 2020 election was the first Presidential election in (35) years that the Republicans could engage in ballot security.  Knowing this, the Democrats pulled out the stops (Zuckerbucks, machines, drop boxes, etc).  Knowing this, the phrases “Election Integrity” and “Ballot Security” should go from boring to very meaningful, and should solicit more actions from We The People.  The Democrats have owned the electoral process and security for almost a half century, and now is the time to own them, and make every locality accountable.  They have become complacent and sloppy after (35) years and now is the time to seize on this.  Heads up Loudoun County Registrar and Board of Elections.

Posted by Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) January 09, 2018


After 35 years, the consent decree that prohibited the Republican National Committee (RNC) from engaging in ballot security activities was-terminated by a federal judge. RNLA Chair John Ryder, former General Counsel to the RNC, stated:


Yesterday, the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey ended the consent decree that had banned the Republican National Committee from engaging in activities to ensure that elections are open, fair, and honest since 1982. Despite years and much money spent searching for evidence of Republican voter suppression, the Democratic National Committee could not present evidence to the court sufficient for the consent decree to remain in effect. We applaud the fact that the RNC may now, on the same, lawful, non-discriminatory basis as other political organizations, ensure that every eligible voter is able to vote and that the votes of ineligible voters are not counted.


In November, the judge noted that the DNC had not presented any evidence of voter suppression, let alone any by the RNC:


“As far as what’s before this court, you’ve presented me with no evidence of actual voter suppression efforts on the day of the election, much less tying it to the RNC,” [Judge John Michael] Vazquez told DNC attorneys.


The judge had kept the consent decree in force after a December 1 sunset date to give the DNC an additional opportunity to present evidence of voter suppression or violation of the decree’s provisions by the RNC. It failed to do so:


In order to extend the decree, the DNC needed to show that the RNC violated the terms of pact. . . . However, Vazquez, an appointee of former President Barack Obama, said in his ruling that despite the various claims, the Democrats had not shown any violation “by a preponderance of the evidence.” . . .


“We are gratified that the judge recognized our full compliance with the consent decree and rejected the DNC’s baseless claims,” said RNC communications director Ryan Mahoney.


“Today’s ruling will allow the RNC to work more closely with state parties and campaigns to do what we do best, ensure that more people vote through our unmatched field program.”


While the consent decree has been in effect, other Republican organizations, such as the RNLA, NRCC, NRSC, Republican state parties, and other groups, have worked to ensure that elections are open, fair, and honest. As Mr. Ryder noted, we look forward to a new era where the RNC can, if it so chooses, be a part of this effort to protect the right to vote of every eligible voter.

Jeniffer Wexton on:

public Safety

Crime has vaulted near the top of voters’ concerns, just after the economy and inflation. According to Gallup, 80 percent of Americans worry “a great deal” or a “fair amount” about crime, the highest level in two decades.


Such fears pose yet another midterm election hurdle for Democrats, on top of public angst over soaring prices and President Biden’s dismal public approval ratings.


As a former prosecutor, substitute judge, legal advocate for children, state Senator, and as a legislator, Jennifer Wexton should be well aware that our society is a dangerous place. Wexton should understand that our children, the elderly, and everyone else in between needs to be protected from violent criminals and repeat offenders. She ignores this and advocates on their behalf with light sentences, “no cash bail”, Criminal Justice Reform, and Restorative Justice.


Do you recall the rape of a (15) year old girl in a Loudoun County High School bathroom in May 2021 by a transgendered student? If this wasn’t bad enough, “Criminal Justice Reform” allowed for the rapists sentenced to be reduced, removing him from the sexual assault registry and providing supervised probation. To make matters worse, the Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler IGNORED the federally mandated processes and procedures when incidents of this nature occur, and now Wexton is abolishing Title IX protections under HR5-Equality Act.


Jennifer Wexton got the ball rolling on the rapists lenient sentence by introducing Bill NO. 1082 in 2017, which passed (and she’s proud of it, see video during meeting with NAACP).

In 2019, Wexton proudly endorsed Buta Biberaj for Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney. Prior to being elected, Biberaj was the legal redress for the Loudoun NAACP; this is not an insignificant detail. Biberaj also belongs to the Virginia Progressive Prosecutors For Justice. The VPPFJ’s primary goal is “Criminal Justice Reform” or “Restorative Justice”.


Wexton, Biberaj are closely aligned Progressive ideologues and share questionable associations with a variety of organizations and people.

Who could forget the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 over George Floyd. Wexton is so radical that she sponsored the “George Floyd Justice Policing Act” (defund the police) and the “Mental Health Justice Act” that allowed for increased funding for social workers that are meant to take the place of police officers around the country.


These are only a few examples of what Wexton and the Progressive Democrats “Criminal Justice Reform” and “Restorative Justice” look like for Public Safety:


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