Phyllis Randall: “everyone but white males over eighteen”

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Phyllis Randall: “everyone but white males over eighteen”

The Loudoun Board of Supervisor’s Equity Resolution, championed by Phyllis Randall, makes a commitment to combating racial, religious, ethnic, disability, gender identity, and national origin-based harassment and all other forms of unlawful discrimination and to ensure equal opportunity, equity, inclusion and dignity for all throughout county government.

It would appear that from Mrs. Randall’s perspective unlawful discrimination is only possible if you’re not a white male over eighteen, however. As a good anti-racist, she will use discrimination in the present to make up for discrimination of the past. Those terrible white male colonists probably do awful things like teach their kids to be punctual, work hard, and think rationally. Well, the Loudoun Board of Supervisors won’t stand for any of that “whiteness“.

White males need not even think about jobs at data centers in future Loudoun. Just stay home and collect your welfare… while you still can… the equity lens framing Loudoun County will come for that soon enough if your skin is pale. Can’t you just feel the love and tolerance of equity washing over you?

VA Overwatch Contributor, Tim Smith

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