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Loudoun County Election Fraud (Allegedly): The “Official” Complaint” filed With Loudoun Sheriff’s Office

All the way back in May 2022 more than a dozen supporters gathered at a recent electoral board meeting to rally behind the Loudoun County Elections Office after facing criticism over its operations (Loudoun Times story here).  Apparently, Loudoun County’s ballot provider, ESO by Shoup somehow confused 12,400 ballots being printed when the REAL number was 317,600.  Oh yeah,  ESO by Shoup certified, with a signature that 12,400 was the CORRECT number, but claimed it was an “inconsistency”Again, these “errors” were only discovered when a concerned citizen submitted a FOIA request.  Makes you wonder, where else are there “errors” and how far back to these “errors” go?  This is where the “We The People” get over their fear of submitting a FOIA, and let those FOIA fingers start typing.  They can be sent here: LOUDOUN COUNTY FOIA REQUEST.  Think outside the box and request information (emails, texts, documents, phone records) for:


  • All emails to and from Judy Brown and Richard Keech AND Phyllis Randall, Juli Briskman, Mike Turner, Buta Biberaj. 
  • Include a specific date range for example April1, 2022 – May 31, 2022

During this meeting in May 2020, the following Loudoun Board of Supervisors, Leesburg Mayor Burk, and Leesburg Council Member made the following comments:

  • Mike Turner LCBOS, Ashburn: “To swamp the electoral office with completely bogus and frivolous FOIA claims, is inappropriate to do, specifically will impede the daily operations of this report, which has never once in all the 37 years of Director Brown … not one time has there been anything of a whiff of scandal or inappropriate conduct, I think it’s shameful.”
  • Phyllis Randall, LCBOS, Chair: “Any person who’s ever run for office knows that this department runs in a very safe, professional and ethical way.”
  • Kelly Burk, Leesburg Mayor and Council Member Neil Steinberg: The intent is to “depress voter turnout and undermine public confidence in the results when the candidate does not prevail.”
  • Lissa Savaglio, Loudoun County Democrat Chair: “Once again, these people are relying on their unsubstantiated suspicions to demand a pointless audit of past elections, all in an effort to shatter voters’ confidence in one of the most distinguished and honored election boards in the state”


The document below is an official complaint that was filed with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in May 2022 and below that are the FOIA documents that Mike Turner referred to as “frivolous FOIA claims”.  Unfortunately, VA laws will not allow the Sheriff’s Office to file/create an investigation.  It stipulates an individual(s) must file complaints with the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney, Soros Backed Buta Biberaj.  Well, that’s not an option, so the people that have spent countless hours researching and fighting for ALL of our rights came to VA Overwatch for help, which is why you are seeing a slight pivot in what we normally post.


These people have spent HOURS fighting for your rights and collecting information, and evidence to demonstrate to the people that a variation of 2,000 Mules exists right here in Loudoun County.  They need our help, it’s the least we can do.  So we’re asking people to ask questions, file FOIA requests, and help us to expose the “alleged” election fraud here in Loudoun County.


This is not unlike when we exposed CRT.  There was a shock factor, some disbelief and then BAM, Loudoun County became the epicenter of the country and our fight against CRT.  Evidence was everywhere.  Why?  PACT?  Nope, we were one of many.  It’s We The People that have to take our country back one county at a time.  Can we help these brave and determined individuals?  I’m hopeful we can.  BTW, there is MUCH more, but it takes some time to compile, simplify, and summarize.  Could Zuckerbucks be at play here?  Yup, but the details will be in a subsequent post.


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Jeniffer Wexton on:

public Safety

Crime has vaulted near the top of voters’ concerns, just after the economy and inflation. According to Gallup, 80 percent of Americans worry “a great deal” or a “fair amount” about crime, the highest level in two decades.


Such fears pose yet another midterm election hurdle for Democrats, on top of public angst over soaring prices and President Biden’s dismal public approval ratings.


As a former prosecutor, substitute judge, legal advocate for children, state Senator, and as a legislator, Jennifer Wexton should be well aware that our society is a dangerous place. Wexton should understand that our children, the elderly, and everyone else in between needs to be protected from violent criminals and repeat offenders. She ignores this and advocates on their behalf with light sentences, “no cash bail”, Criminal Justice Reform, and Restorative Justice.


Do you recall the rape of a (15) year old girl in a Loudoun County High School bathroom in May 2021 by a transgendered student? If this wasn’t bad enough, “Criminal Justice Reform” allowed for the rapists sentenced to be reduced, removing him from the sexual assault registry and providing supervised probation. To make matters worse, the Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler IGNORED the federally mandated processes and procedures when incidents of this nature occur, and now Wexton is abolishing Title IX protections under HR5-Equality Act.


Jennifer Wexton got the ball rolling on the rapists lenient sentence by introducing Bill NO. 1082 in 2017, which passed (and she’s proud of it, see video during meeting with NAACP).

In 2019, Wexton proudly endorsed Buta Biberaj for Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney. Prior to being elected, Biberaj was the legal redress for the Loudoun NAACP; this is not an insignificant detail. Biberaj also belongs to the Virginia Progressive Prosecutors For Justice. The VPPFJ’s primary goal is “Criminal Justice Reform” or “Restorative Justice”.


Wexton, Biberaj are closely aligned Progressive ideologues and share questionable associations with a variety of organizations and people.

Who could forget the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 over George Floyd. Wexton is so radical that she sponsored the “George Floyd Justice Policing Act” (defund the police) and the “Mental Health Justice Act” that allowed for increased funding for social workers that are meant to take the place of police officers around the country.


These are only a few examples of what Wexton and the Progressive Democrats “Criminal Justice Reform” and “Restorative Justice” look like for Public Safety:


More on Wexton and Public Safety