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LCPS Weasel Frat Boy Superintendent BANS Teacher From Using John:316 In Email Signature

Oh boy, have you heard the latest about Frat Boy Superintendent Dan “Little Man” Smith? It seems that he’s gone after a female teacher for including John:316 in her email signature. Oh no, the horror! How dare she express her faith and beliefs in a way that doesn’t align with the politically correct agenda?

But hold on a minute, folks. Let’s not forget that “Little Man” Tate is perfectly fine with teachers expressing their sexual preferences and using 1,000 different pronouns to express who they think they were earlier that day. I mean, who cares about faith and morals when we can focus on more important things like gender fluidity and pronoun usage?

And get this, folks. This is the same little fella that I ran into at Trailside Middle School just a couple of weeks ago, where he completely accepted a teacher’s right to express herself (see image below), even when she was spreading garbage. But now that it’s about expressing one’s faith, suddenly it’s a problem.

Well done, “Little Man” Smith. You’ve truly shown your true colors as a champion of political correctness and a foe of religious expression. Give yourself a round of applause.

If you’re still of the belief that LCPS as well as other school systems isn’t trying to ban Christianity and replace it with some diabolical ideology then you need to look closer at what’s going on around.

Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) system has reportedly banned an unidentified teacher from adding a bible verse to her email signature.

The teacher was barred from putting John 3:16 in her email signature, one of the most widely known bible verses that reads, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

The teacher is receiving help from the law firm Liberty Counsel, which noted that LCPS’s policy allows teachers to personalize their signature blocks with “personally-selected pronouns, quotations, pictures or phrases that are intended to express the teachers’ personal views on a variety of subjects, and that are attributable to the teachers, and not necessarily to LCPS.”

After LCPS banned the teacher from including the Bible verse in her signature block, Richard L. Mast and Hugh C. Phillips of Liberty Counsel sent a letter to LCPS Acting Superintendent Daniel Smith on March 23 demanding the teacher be allowed “to restore the Bible verse to her email signature block.”

“The directive from LCPS to [the teacher] to remove an expression of her personal faith from her email signature block, based solely on its perceived religious nature, constitutes religious discrimination,” Mast and Phillips wrote.

The two attorneys also emphasized that teachers are allowed to include pronouns in their signature block, which “are not objective and do not correspond with biological sex.”

They wrote:

Many teachers include personally-selected pronouns or “preferred” pronouns in their signature blocks. See Exhibit 7. The listing of pronouns communicates the teacher’s personal belief that gender or sex is not binary and cannot be presumed, and that pronouns are not objective and do not correspond with biological sex. These beliefs (and whether teachers should promote them to children) are matters of hotly contested public concern.

They also claimed the Bible verse does not violate the Constitution’s Establishment Clause because “a teacher’s private speech in the workplace is not state endorsement of any religious message the teacher may choose to convey.”

However, Smith responded to their letter last week, arguing that the teacher’s inclusion of a Bible verse violated the Establishment Clause and that she referenced bible quotes when speaking to her students.

Smith wrote:

It is my understanding, however, that [she] is not including religious quotes in only her private correspondence, but also uses these religious quotes in her communications to students and their parents in her capacity as an LCPS employee. These communications are not private expression, but rather constitute school-sponsored speech bearing the ostensible endorsement of the School Division.

Simply put, the general inclusion of religious quotes in communications LCPS employees send while in their public capacities is not private expression and runs afoul of the Establishment Clause, and as such, bars LCPS, as a local governmental entity, from taking sides in religious disputes or favoring or disfavoring anyone based on religion or belief, or lack thereof.

Still, Liberty counsel attorneys disagreed, citing two first amendment cases they have litigated as proof that the Bible verse did not violate the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

“The First Amendment requires that the school district may not discriminate against the teacher’s private religious expression,” the law firm noted in a statement. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court and various federal courts have confirmed that organizations and individuals holding a religious viewpoint may not be subject to discrimination or censorship on the basis of that viewpoint.


Jeniffer Wexton on:

public Safety

Crime has vaulted near the top of voters’ concerns, just after the economy and inflation. According to Gallup, 80 percent of Americans worry “a great deal” or a “fair amount” about crime, the highest level in two decades.


Such fears pose yet another midterm election hurdle for Democrats, on top of public angst over soaring prices and President Biden’s dismal public approval ratings.


As a former prosecutor, substitute judge, legal advocate for children, state Senator, and as a legislator, Jennifer Wexton should be well aware that our society is a dangerous place. Wexton should understand that our children, the elderly, and everyone else in between needs to be protected from violent criminals and repeat offenders. She ignores this and advocates on their behalf with light sentences, “no cash bail”, Criminal Justice Reform, and Restorative Justice.


Do you recall the rape of a (15) year old girl in a Loudoun County High School bathroom in May 2021 by a transgendered student? If this wasn’t bad enough, “Criminal Justice Reform” allowed for the rapists sentenced to be reduced, removing him from the sexual assault registry and providing supervised probation. To make matters worse, the Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler IGNORED the federally mandated processes and procedures when incidents of this nature occur, and now Wexton is abolishing Title IX protections under HR5-Equality Act.


Jennifer Wexton got the ball rolling on the rapists lenient sentence by introducing Bill NO. 1082 in 2017, which passed (and she’s proud of it, see video during meeting with NAACP).

In 2019, Wexton proudly endorsed Buta Biberaj for Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney. Prior to being elected, Biberaj was the legal redress for the Loudoun NAACP; this is not an insignificant detail. Biberaj also belongs to the Virginia Progressive Prosecutors For Justice. The VPPFJ’s primary goal is “Criminal Justice Reform” or “Restorative Justice”.


Wexton, Biberaj are closely aligned Progressive ideologues and share questionable associations with a variety of organizations and people.

Who could forget the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 over George Floyd. Wexton is so radical that she sponsored the “George Floyd Justice Policing Act” (defund the police) and the “Mental Health Justice Act” that allowed for increased funding for social workers that are meant to take the place of police officers around the country.


These are only a few examples of what Wexton and the Progressive Democrats “Criminal Justice Reform” and “Restorative Justice” look like for Public Safety:


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