Jealous of the School Board’s Negative Attention, Loudoun Board of Supervisors Goes Full Marxist

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Jealous of the School Board’s Negative Attention, Loudoun Board of Supervisors Goes Full Marxist

Equity has worked out so well for the Loudoun County School Board (not), that last night our very own Board of Supervisors passed a resolution for Social and Racial Equity as Fundamental Values. The sponsors of the bill, Chair Phyllis Randall, Juli “middlefinger” Briskman, and Koran Saines figured why let the school board have all the fun? It’s not enough to marxify the kids, we need to marxify the whole county!

The resolution makes a pledge to “govern through an equity lens“, meaning demographic based preference to the intersectional hierarchy of victimhood in which there is no lowlier life-form than the straight white male. Fear-not however, there is plenty of discrimination to go around whenever someone can claim greater victim status, or better yet, multiple “victimized” identities.

What exactly does it mean to govern through an equity lens? Well the resolution carefully avoids getting into any specifics about much of anything (and that is very much by design). Interpretation will be left to Chief Marxist Officer, Carl Rush and the maoist equity office, currently in development, to interpret into race based hiring practices and distribution of services. We can say with confidence that there will be plenty of wealth redistribution and increased debt, because even the taxes of the wealthiest county in the country can’t afford the bills this Board of Supervisors would like to rack up.

Out one side of her mouth Chair Randall states that CRT is not being taught in LCPS, and at the same time says “being colorblind is ridiculous”. Rejection of colorblindness of course is a tenet of Critical Race Theory, but who needs to teach it in school when our entire county is now being built on it.

Only a single Supervisor had the wherewithal and good sense to vote against the resolution, Caleb Kershner of Catoctin. It was disappointing to see the other two Republicans, Buffington and Letourneau abstain and absent (respectively). Supervisor Kershner observed that there is no evidence of the discrimination in the county that the policy seeks to end. He also said it was wrong to have government make racially-based decisions.

“We’re actually as a government beginning to inject this stuff back in which is what I thought we had fought forever to get rid of. And that is the idea that we favor any sort of racial inequality,” Kershner said. “I hope I’m wrong. But I really fear we’re beginning to drift in this direction.”

Pray for Loudoun County, only through God’s will may we find our way free of this self inflicted disaster.

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