Well, That Escalated Quickly.

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It’s shaping up to an incredible week for Virginia elections and it is only Tuesday! Not only did Virginia Overwatch launch our website this week but exciting news dropped today when Glenn Youngkin continued his streak of listening to Virginia parents.  In a move that’s causing a hilarious meltdown across VA Dems on Twitter (read: PANIC), the Governor ammended a bill to give Loudoun County a chance to move up the date to replace the 9 members of the LCPS School Board in 2023 to the November’s 2022 election. 

It was a pleasant surprise for Loudoun parents (and tax payers who are sick of the waste, fraud and abuse), as this change allows for a reckoning for the moms and dads who inspired the nation, having fought for two years against tyrannical mandates, sexualized books in classrooms and libraries, corrupt spending on programs like SEL and other special interest groups, teacher abuse against students standing up for their medical freedom, and most famously, the enablement and hiding of numerous sexual assaults against children in the schools. In the latest twist to an already exciting day, reports are circulating that a special grand jury has been convened to continue investigations into LCPS for multiple sexual assaults in the Loudoun County High Schools.  


Where is this all headed?  We have no idea but it certainly feels like a perfect storm is brewing — one that could sweep away the progressive, ideological corruption that has infiltrated the LCPS school system and  offers hope for a return to academic excellence that should never have left in the first place.


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