Dem Senate Candidate Zach Cummings to Campaign with the Sleepy Joe Tactic

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Dem Senate Candidate Zach Cummings to Campaign with the Sleepy Joe Tactic

Leesburg Town Councilman Zach Cummings, best known for his role in implementing the Leesburg vaccine mandate, is running in the Democratic primary for state Senate. Since Democratic Party priorities are too horrific and polarizing to say out loud, Mr. Cummings is trying out the President Brandon strategy of telling us how he is here for the blue collar guy and the average American family.

Among his goals are to get unions more involved in supporting the dignity of working class folk, because nothing says dignity like being locked into a pay scale with no opportunity to negotiate a higher rate based on your own unique value to an organization, while the union you are forced to pay for this service donates all your money to making America communist. Zach shows that he is pro-family through his promise to fight to ensure abortion rights for women in Virginia, because nothing says pro-family like helping a mother murder her baby.

Like sleepy Joe, he is there for the working class. Naturally that must be why green energy is also one of Mr. Cummings’ campaign priorities. He knows that what is really important to working class Virginians, in this time of record inflation, is electric buses and solar panels. And he cares so much about the environment that he’ll support desecrating as many acres of wildlife and nature as it takes to build wind and solar farms, so we can burn more coal when the sun isn’t shining or wind isn’t blowing.

Zach recognizes that Virginia families living paycheck to paycheck are practically begging for tax increases to fund fleets of electric vehicles. And hey, it’s not like Americans have to dig the cobalt out of Chinese slave labor mines in the Congo to build the lithium ion batteries. Keep up the great work Zach!

VA Overwatch Contributor, Tim Smith

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