As We Focus on the Latest Scandal, Remember the Big Picture

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As We Focus on the Latest Scandal, Remember the Big Picture

Just a week ago Ashburn’s School Board Member, Harris Mahedavi was the focal point of attention after belittling parent’s concerns over cuts in special education while the school board funded $11 Million to pilot floor to ceiling rape stalls (described by Algonkian Member and candidate for VA Delegate, Atoosa Reaser, as capable of providing “complete privacy” for deviant activities).

Specifically Mr. Mahedavi responded to the concerns of special education parents by saying “this is getting ridiculous now. We’ve gotten beat up tonight. And for the last month we’ve been beaten up.”

This week the majority of all elected Loudoun Democrats are in full panic mode around the release of the private chat communications of their goons (including staffers, associates, and members of local Democrat activist group Loudoun4all) plotting, and in some cases acting on, threats to the Loudoun citizens they view as their personal enemies.

Mr. Mahedavi is likely sitting back somewhere thankfully watching the media cycle move away from his blunders and onto something bigger. This is rightfully so. The latest Loudoun Syndicate scandal is bigger. And yet it’s all part of the bigger picture of just how much damage less than four years of a majority Democrat School Board and Board of Supervisors can inflict on one county.

First they started with the plans to implement LCPS and County-wide systemic racism (aka equity). Then they closed the schools and closed businesses. In the initial “two weeks to stop the spread” shutdown most people, not us, didn’t know what was happening and we could almost let it slide… …if not for ALL the rest.

Then they told you that you had to rebreathe CO2 if you wanted to go to the grocery store. They kept schools closed and made you pay money to have your kindergartener go into school masked while county staff babysat and they participated, on computer they didn’t know how to operate, in class with their teachers who were often in an empty classroom right down the hall.

When they finally allowed your kids to return to school a year later, they required them to be oxygen deprived for 7 hours a day. Then they called you a conspiracy theorist for pointing this out. Only guess what? It turned out to be not a theory. Then when the Governor issued an exec order allowing parents to decide whether their kids mask, they doubled down and issued a mask mandate (which took a lawsuit to end).

They quadrupled down on equity when BLM started burning down the country and told you you were a white supremacist if you didn’t participate in their racism by chanting the BLM motto. They further implemented the LCPS “culturally responsive framework” or “One LCPS” or whatever the latest term is that they are using. It constantly changes when parents notice that it’s all the same Critical Race Theory nonsense. They forced your kids’ teachers (and continue to) into endless indoctrination training. They keep extending the school year to add more teacher training days. What do you think the training is focused on?

The introduced Social Emotional Learning (SEL), because “it’s a state mandate to provide character development”. Well how did they do it for all time up until yesterday? The real reason is to begin teaching your kids from elementary school that words are violence (aka anti-bullying), then when they amp it up into identity politics and leftist ideology as they move to middle school and high school, they have been fully conditioned that it is very bad to speak against the narrative when something seems off.

They fired a gym teacher (who was only reinstated after winning a lawsuit for violating his first amendment rights) for saying that he won’t pretend boys are girls or girls are boys. They covered up a rape of a teen girl, in the girls bathroom by a boy in skirt, to pass a policy to allow boys in girls bathrooms and a host of other gender theory nonsense. They refused to release a report of a taxpayer funded legal investigation into the cover-up, even after the Superintendent was fired and indicted, and members of the board had previously indicated willingness to release the report to the public.

They promoted and continue to promote COVID shots to the public, that are proven to come with a whole lot of risk, while offering no immunity or transmissibility prevention. They’ve even quietly created a new sudden cardiac arrest policy for teen athletes (wonder why there is a sudden new need for that… hmmm…..). Lets not forget that the only reason there is not a COVID shot mandate for LCPS, is because they did try to slowly introduce one for sports and failed. They likely assumed they don’t need to push it, because it’ll be added to the child vaccine schedule anyway.

Most recently, the Board of Supervisors passed the Loudoun County systemic racism resolution (aka the racial and social equity resolution). This resolution implements full on intersectionality at a county-wide level for providing services, contracting, hiring, etc. Any and all services the county provides will be prioritized for the identity group who they decide has the greatest claim to victimhood.

This is not an exhaustive list. It could go on almost endlessly. As all this has occurred, the cost per student in schools has increased dramatically, and the administration has grown while programs like special education are trimmed back. The budget has increased under the Dem School Board by over half a billion dollars, and proficiency averages in core subjects have dropped. Math and science being the worst having gone from 86% to 74% and 89% to 75% respectively.

What are we buying with a half billion dollar budget increase to our schools? It surely is not education.

VA Overwatch Contributor, Tim Smith

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