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Today in America, there are approximately 16M alcoholics and 9M drug addicts. Of that, only 5% will maintain sobriety for 5+ years. Ironically, this amounts to approximately 1.3M people, which is about the same TOTAL number of transgender people in America. The biggest difference is the 5% that have maintained sobriety are productive members of society, some spiritual, some religious and some agnostic. 

They found the solution for right-sized living, however, they do not make their productive lifestyle political, ideological, or cult like and they take full accountability & responsibility for their actions when they became clean and each day thereafter. They do not blame others, the do not look for a handout, they do not force society to accept their new found way of living or call people sobrietyophobes. Instead of cheering on their second chance at life, and celebrating their improbability of maintaining sobriety, just 5%, they are banished from society, considered less than, untrustworthy, dangerous, scary, and not to be around kids (but drag queens in 1st grade classrooms and gender reassignment surgery discussions are OK). People are afraid, uncomfortable, and often distant from these 5%. However, the 5% move forward in life, living life, helping & being of service to others. They do not seek to live in the past, or expect others to conform, they must figure out life for themselves and they do not cast blame if things don’t go their way. Seems reasonable.

Now our world is being turned upside down for a Progressive, ideological, and radical narrative, transgenderism and the rest of the acronyms. They hijacked an entire alphabet. The radical Progressives demand an entire month to celebrate transgender and gay lifestyles. The truth is no one cares if you’re trans, gay or somewhere in between. The line is crossed when you tell people they have to accept the trans narrative, grooming, telling kids that gender isn’t real and it’s ok to be a girl if you’re a boy and visa versus.

It’s not about being transphobic or homophobic but how you project. Again, no one cares, however, when Progressives play the “phobic” game, they’ve already lost. Perhaps they need to pick up AA’s 12 Step book, regroup and try again. I hear the 11 Steps are about right-size living and not alcohol or drugs. You’d be surprised how much easier acceptance is without ultimatums and labels, unless your true goal isn’t acceptance after all but power, money, and intimidation. If so, I hope you find God or a Higher Power real soon because you will forever be empty, angry, and not accepted with this type of attitude. You are entitled to nothing, and we are entitled to reject your Progressive and dangerous ideology. Your choice.

Jeniffer Wexton on:

public Safety

Crime has vaulted near the top of voters’ concerns, just after the economy and inflation. According to Gallup, 80 percent of Americans worry “a great deal” or a “fair amount” about crime, the highest level in two decades.


Such fears pose yet another midterm election hurdle for Democrats, on top of public angst over soaring prices and President Biden’s dismal public approval ratings.


As a former prosecutor, substitute judge, legal advocate for children, state Senator, and as a legislator, Jennifer Wexton should be well aware that our society is a dangerous place. Wexton should understand that our children, the elderly, and everyone else in between needs to be protected from violent criminals and repeat offenders. She ignores this and advocates on their behalf with light sentences, “no cash bail”, Criminal Justice Reform, and Restorative Justice.


Do you recall the rape of a (15) year old girl in a Loudoun County High School bathroom in May 2021 by a transgendered student? If this wasn’t bad enough, “Criminal Justice Reform” allowed for the rapists sentenced to be reduced, removing him from the sexual assault registry and providing supervised probation. To make matters worse, the Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler IGNORED the federally mandated processes and procedures when incidents of this nature occur, and now Wexton is abolishing Title IX protections under HR5-Equality Act.


Jennifer Wexton got the ball rolling on the rapists lenient sentence by introducing Bill NO. 1082 in 2017, which passed (and she’s proud of it, see video during meeting with NAACP).

In 2019, Wexton proudly endorsed Buta Biberaj for Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney. Prior to being elected, Biberaj was the legal redress for the Loudoun NAACP; this is not an insignificant detail. Biberaj also belongs to the Virginia Progressive Prosecutors For Justice. The VPPFJ’s primary goal is “Criminal Justice Reform” or “Restorative Justice”.


Wexton, Biberaj are closely aligned Progressive ideologues and share questionable associations with a variety of organizations and people.

Who could forget the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 over George Floyd. Wexton is so radical that she sponsored the “George Floyd Justice Policing Act” (defund the police) and the “Mental Health Justice Act” that allowed for increased funding for social workers that are meant to take the place of police officers around the country.


These are only a few examples of what Wexton and the Progressive Democrats “Criminal Justice Reform” and “Restorative Justice” look like for Public Safety:


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