2nd Democrat Enters Loudoun BoS Chair Race

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2nd Democrat Enters Loudoun BoS Chair Race

Local farmer Sam Kroiz has announced his candidacy for Loudoun BoS Chair. After a failed run in 2019 for Loudoun’s most conservative district of Catoctin, Mr. Kroiz has decided he will have better odds running for Chair of the Board.

Sam states that he is against the “binary trap” of two party politics, assumedly because he is a social progressive leftist with a conservative view on urbanization. While most conservatives would align with his perspective on protecting Loudoun’s farmland, like any good leftist his motivations are based on his own interests.

Hopefully it is clear to everyone by now that the difference between conservatives and the left is the difference between devotion and service to God and devotion and service to self and state. Mr. Kroiz holds a single conservative view, not because he believes in the former, but because his entire premise for running for office is to serve himself.

When he is not busy trying to get elected to Board of Supervisors, Mr. Kroiz enjoys long walks through his fields with radical gender ideology activist and sadly our Congresswoman, Jennifer Wexton.

Don’t be fooled by the independent label, this man is a lifelong progressive Democrat running for office to serve his own agenda.

VA Overwatch Contributor Tim Smith

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